Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Music, Coding and JBoss Messaging :-)

Probably not many people know that but I'm also a musician, a Jazz and Bossa Nova piano player and if I invested just a little bit more of my time (which I don't have now :-) ) I could become a professional musician. Some of the feelings I have while playing in a band I'm also getting this week after the JBoss Messaging Alpha release:

I - It's cool to improvise: You feel great by inventing new things and you got that feeling! I have been part of writing a totally cool Asynchronous IO module and helped improving the Persistent of JBoss Messaging. I totally get that feeling here.

II - It's cool when a band (or team) member also improvise: When Jeff Mesnil was working on the new transport, Andy Taylor doing a lot of hard work or Tim Fox orchestrating or playing the whip.. it's all the same... I'm part of the band, and we are jazzing a beautiful song.

III - Applauses! Yeah... musician needs that.. and we are getting that this week.

And the main point is: JBoss Messaging Alpha it's just a rehearsal. It will be much better when we are in concert :-)

It is really cool to be part of this Messaging revolution :-)