Friday, July 17, 2009

Fedora 11 finally got me...

I have been using a competitor distribution for very long (about 2 years) even though I work for RedHat / JBoss, just because it was easier. I couldn' t figure out how to do a few things.

I have tried to come to Fedora a few times.. and I could never feel comfortable.

But Fedora 11.. that' s really nice. I would say I don't even feel I'm on Linux. I'm feeling very comfortable like using my wife's Mac OS X :-)

The WebCam works, wireless... video resolution.. even Skype... everything smooth.

It could be also the Lenovo T500 behaves really well with Linux.. but still... Fedora 11 has got me.

I' m a Fedora user from now on :-)

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